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The Fullness Of The Holy Spirit

The Fullness Of The Holy Spirit

The things that we should be aware of every day in these last days are:
1. the activities of the spirit of the world and the wiles of the devil
2. the side effects of the work of the evil days and the perilous times
The two aspects above have the ability to contaminate believer's spiritual life, even many of them have been 'moulded' to manifest worldly or fleshly nature in their daily lives, as most people in this world did (2 Timothy 3:1-9).

We have to make sure that we live in the power of the word and in the fullness of the Holy Spirit as it is the only way to 'guard our lives' from all the contamination.

1. To live in the power of the word.
Our world today is a world that 'justifies everything' to success and if possible happiness, in fact we can only have true happiness if we build our lives according to the principles of truth.
The wiles of the devil are everywhere; every day we are presented with the appearance of successful people who reach their success in wicked ways; it works by all means and try to deceive God?s redeemed people. All of those things work so that God?s redeemed people will make careless decision and begin to ignore the boundaries of the truth which suppose to guard them from destruction in life.

It is not easy to have a sincere heart and faithful to the commitment of holiness to the groom, Christ Himself. Temptation 'to flirt' with the world, the flesh and the luxury of life are everywhere. Those are like virus and bacteria around us and try to infect us.

The only way to make sure our attitude, basic belief and lifestyle aline with the truth is to always consume the word of God. I believe, if we discipline our lives to read the Word of God every hour, our heart will stay clean and not contaminated by the activities of the spirits of the world.

John 15:3

The word in our lives will guard us to stay clean, accurate and pleasing to God.

2. To live in the fullness of the Spirit
The level of the fullness of the Spirit in someone's life can be build or upgraded and also guarded. The lesson of 'Building The Spirit Man' will help someone to build and maintain the level of the fullness of the Spirit in his life to remain in his ultimate fullness.

Someone who diligently practice the lesson of 'Building The Spirit Man', will find the reality of how the level of fullness and the work of the Holy Spirit in his life can grow progressively so he will always have the flame of revival burning in his heart. And indeed, we must train our lives in such a way so every day we always experience the flame of the Holy Spirit that brings 'personal revival' in our lives. There is a 'dose of revival' that we always experience! And we can condition our lives to always experience it every day. The main key is to diligently practice the lesson of 'Building The Spirit Man'.

'Sow' the words that we received into our lives, so our daily lives can be 'a display' (a place to show the result of the growth of the word in our lives: our every day life brings forth the fruit of the kingdom, manifest the power and glory of the kingdom).

a. Say the word, speak what we believe from the word that we receive.
b. Picture the fulfilment of the word and begin to speak in tongue expressively, use intonation to reflect what is in our heart and also use body language or gesture that define the intent of our prayer.
c. Declare every impression we receive while we are praying, imagining the word and speaking in tongue.

Declare with the same intonation and dynamic, make the word of God or the word that we say alive by using the right intonation. (Ps. Steven Agustinus)

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